Benefits of Liquid Feeds

Ideal complement to grass, silage or straw diets

Contain highly digestible energy in form of high quality sugars
Sucrose and Lactose
Balance degradable protein in the grass-based diet
Better utilisation of forage dry matter
Ideal supplements to poorer quality forages

Increased nutrient density of diet

Essential for cows when intake is reduced at calving
Aids in minimisation of negative energy balance in early lactation
Provide additional energy in the finishing diet
Positive effects on animal health
Promote higher dry matter intakes 

Promote an efficient and healthy rumen Sugars are simplest form of energy available to stimulate the rumen Increase microbial protein production which is essential for milk/meat production Improve nitrogen utilisation Promote more efficient fibre digestion

Total-Mixed-Ration (TMR) practical benefits Ability to bind ingredients and prevent separation Excellent carrier for essential minerals and vitamins Increase palatability and reduce dust of rations Reduce ration sorting and improve TMR structure Improve utilisation of home grown forages and straights