Farm Products

The Premier Molasses range of liquid feeds is suitable for all types of stock – dairy cows, beef cattle, sheep, pigs and horses – there is a product that will meet your farm’s individual needs.

In the case of cattle and sheep, the sugars in our liquid feeds are broken down quickly and extensively by rumen microbes. This rapid release of energy makes such feeds very useful for balancing excesses of protein (spring grass and silages) and fibre in diets.The high palatability of our feeds makes them ideal supplements to poor quality forages, by increasing intakes and enhancing their nutritive value.

Liquid feeds are also the ultimate complement to TMR diets; as well as supplying energy and protein to the diet itself, liquid feeds unique physical characteristics facilitate in binding the TMR and distributing nutrients evenly to ensure safe and uniform intake by animals.

All our feeds are available for supply through your local co-op/merchant or from Premier Molasses direct. Molasses feeds are available in bulk deliveries nationwide, ranging from 10 up to 28 tonnes and are also available in IBCs (mini bulk tank) of approximately 1.25 tonnes. Alternatively, feeds can be discharged direct into IBCs on farm (minimum requirement of 8 IBCs) or collected at our Foynes depot. Full loads can be delivered within 1-2 days. Half load deliveries may take longer. Feeds can be safely stored in vented waterproof tanks for up to 6 months.

Farm Product Range

Note: Protein and Sugars value in above table are on a Dry Matter basis.

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