Premier Molasses Autumn News 2010

Recent rises in ingredients prices has many farmers closely examining their feed costs, with liquid feeds now more competitive with cereals and protein feeds than they have been in the past number of years. Premier Molasses liquid feeds now offer real value on both an energy and protein basis. Eco-Maize (ME 10.5 MJ/kg DM, CP 36% DM) and Nutri-Mix (ME 11 MJ/kg DM, CP 27% DM) compare very favourably to cereal and protein feeds at current market prices.

Both liquid feeds, with their high nutrient density, are ideal compliments to either forage or grain based diets through their role in increasing the utilisation of nutrients in the rumen and improving ration conditioning. Liquid feeds are also excellent carriers for minerals due to their very high palatability. Both these liquid feeds include delactose whey as an ingredient, which is a nutritious co-product of the Irish dairy industry.

Both Eco-Maize and Nutri-Mix are available at a significant price discount to standard molasses. For further information on these products please contact us or your local co-op/merchant today.