Feed Mill Range

Premier Molasses supply a wide range of innovative molasses based liquid feeds that meet the demands of compound feed manufactures for use in pelleting, course feed and block manufacturing. Our diverse range of products cater for the nutritional and handling requirements unique to each of these animal feed sectors.

Feed Mill Range:

Our feed mill product range developed solely with our customer’s requirements in mind enables feed compounders to formulate and manufacture feed of the highest quality. 


Representing molasses in its original state, standard and organic molasses are naturally rich in sugars, gums and energy. Tailored, to meet the requirements of feed mills and block manufactures, our standard and organic molasses are ideally suited to feed manufacturers capable of handling liquids of a more viscous state.

Molasses Blends

Specifically developed for compound feed manufactures, our molasses blends vary in dry matter, energy and protein content. These variations in nutritional and handling values gives our customers greater flexibility while allowing them to achieve a finished feed of excellent quality.  

Premium Liquids


Developed to aid in the production of superior feeds, Molashine delivers a golden appearance to the finished course ration while also maintaining a moist texture and shiny external coating.


Acting as a cost-effective sustainable pellet de-duster, Pellacoat and Pellacoat-Plus enhance the durability and quality of the finished feed pellets.

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