Molasses is the base feed used in the Premier Molasses range of feeds. It is a by-product of the sugar industry and can be derived from either sugar cane (Asia, South America) or sugar beet (Europe). While many people view it only as a source of sugar, uses for molasses extend from its value as a carrier for micro-ingredients to its potential to bind the TMR and reduce sorting. Historically, molasses has been used to provide sugars to the animal and subsequently improve the palatability of the ration. The list of benefits of feeding molasses has now expanded to include benefits to the rumen microbial population. Studies have shown that forage diets containing high levels of non-protein nitrogen and rumen degradable protein (e.g. spring grass) show improved protein utilisation when molasses is included.

Condensed Molasses Solubles (CMS), known as vinasse in the rest of Europe, is the name given to the evaporated substrate from fermentation industries based upon molasses. When blended with molasses, it increases the protein content and also contributes to easier handling characteristics.

Delactose Whey Concentrate (DLC), also termed milk solids extract, is a co-product of the Irish dairy industry and is generated from the liquid remaining after the extraction of protein and lactose from whey. Including DLC in concentrate rations of lactating cows has been shown to prevent most of the milk fat depression experienced with such rations without reducing concentrate consumption.

Glycerine is a colourless, odourless, sweet tasting, energy dense liquid that is a co-product of biofuel production from vegetable oil. Researchers have determined that the net energy value of glycerine in sheep, beef cattle and dairy cows was equal to or greater than that of corn grain. Glycerine can help improve energy supply to high yielding dairy cows, both before and after calving, and thereby have an impact on health and performance during the entire lactation.

Using our blending facilities, we are able to offer high quality blends of these ingredients, providing flexible energy and protein levels and handling characteristics to meet each customer’s needs.