On Farm Range

Comprising mainly of the disaccharide sugar sucrose, molasses blends when included in on farm diets have numerous nutritional and handling benefits. Our range of farm feeds are precision formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of all livestock groups regardless of the feeding methods.

Standard and Organic Molasses

The original high energy feeds. Standard and organic represent molasses in its purest form. Consisting of a high sugar and dry matter content, these feeds are characterised by their excellent palatability and flexibility of use on farm.

Molasses Blend Range

Formulated from the quality ingredients of molasses, condensed molasses soluables, de-sugared beet molasses and glycerine, our molasses blends vary in both dry matter and energy levels. Ideal for inclusion in a variety of on farm diets, these blends will not only increase the energy and protein content of diets but also increase dry matter intakes and carry minerals throughout the finished feed.

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